Asphalt Paving Installation Basics


The installation of asphalt paving is a job that needs a considerable amount of labor. Aside from that, complications may arise during or after installation if proper preparation and installation procedures are not being followed. One example is if you mistakenly lay the asphalt without preparing the area, the result would be a rough and non-durable surface. For this kind of job to be done right, most home owners opt to seek the help of a professional asphalt resurfacing company, one that has a proven and tested credibility of work.


Area Preparation


In asphalt driveway repair pouring, most starting points are either at the end of what will be the driveway or the area right next to the garage. After the starting point has been chosen, marking it with a wooden stake is the next step to take. Afterwards, use a tape measure and continue to mark the entire area’s exterior perimeter. Then again, mark each corner of the area using wooden stakes. Making sure of the area’s perfect symmetry can be done two ways. First is to measure at each corner of the area, marking the numbers down as you go along. Second would be to use a laser level. If the marked numbers are a perfect match, then the area has a perfect symmetry and you can go ahead and proceed to the next step.


The Prep Process


Get the area ready for both the asphalt and the gravel by digging it down. To make sure that you are digging only the marked area, tie a string from one corner stake to the other and start digging out the inside of the marked area at least 20 inches deep. It would be best if you are going to dig closer to the twenty inch requirement. Compact the dug area to avoid settling as this will essentially ruin the asphalt. You can do this by using a gas powered compactor. It is crucial that the area is leveled accordingly and compacted to a solid state. Know more about asphalt paving in


Build A Solid Foundation


Find a cheap lumber and flush it in the ground around the area for a parameter barrier to be built. Securing the frame can be down by putting smaller stakes around the lumber’s outer edges. After the soil has been compacted, you are now ready for the next phase. At this point of time, it is recommended that a professional asphalt paving company took over the entire work, as preparation has already been done.