A Guide to the Installation of Asphalt Paving


Have you ever want to do the installing of asphalt paving in your home? Well, it could require a lot of hard work on your part. It is rather a complex process if one does not have the proper skill set and guidelines in doing the preparations and installation task itself. If you ever attempt to put the asphalt yourself on a completely unprepared space, then it will probably end up sleek and not sturdy. A good recommendation for you would be to hire professional help as there are various companies out there that offer this kind of services to your convenience.

Bounding the intended space

For example, on driveways, your first point could start maybe beside the garage or somewhere at the edge of the supposed driveway. If you finally decided on point number one, then proceed by marking that point with a stake to the ground. Then, just continue on marking the coverage of the area with the use of a tape measure on the outer borders of the space. For every corner that you covered, make sure that you mark it with some stakes as well. In order for you to have an assurance that the area is proportionate or balanced, you could always measure each corner by marking their numbers, or if you want to be more advanced, you could always use the modern laser level. Whenever the results of the measurements matched or at similar ranges in lengths, then you could proceed to the next phase. To learn more about asphalt paving, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pavement.

Doing the preparations

First thing in doing the preparations is to dig out the space that you intend to install asphalt paving on. Your marked stakes will be the one that is going to help you in setting up your boundaries for the excavation. Make sure that you just dig the area within the boundary for a good sum of twenty inches. A recommended depth would be to have it just somewhere around that number. One great tool in doing the excavation is by the use of a gas powered compactor. Using this would assure you that the excavated area will not settle and destroy the asphalt by means of compacting. When the under layer is not properly settled and in place, then the succeeding coats won’t be as robust as well.

If you want the best results, you should start now looking for the best asphalt sealcoating company near you.